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The online enrollment site will be available to make your benefit elections JULY 15th - AUGUST 14th.  Employees are required to accept or decline all benefits each plan year. There are changes to the TRS Medical plan only this year.  All other plan provisions and premiums remain the same.  Please see below for changes in TRS ActiveCare.  TRS is changing carriers from Aetna to Blue Cross Blue Shield effective September 1, along with several other significant changes in plan design. Note:  TRS ActiveCare 2 is a closed plan.  Only participants presently enrolled in AC-2 are eligible to remain in this plan for 2020-21.  

The link to the online enrollment site is .  Premiums shown on the site are per check, not monthly premiums.

LOGIN:  Employee ID number or SSN (without dashes) 
PIN:       Last 4 digits of SSN + last 2 digits of birth year.  

CALL CENTER-  1-855-550-5502.  Please call the Open Enrollment Call Center with any questions on the following dates and times:
   July 15th-31st     7:00a-5:30p Monday through Thursday
   August 1st-14th  8:00a-4:30p Monday through Friday
Information on Medical plan changes for 2020-21:
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To view your current Benefit elections and make Changes:
Login:  Employee ID number or SSN (no dashes)
PIN:     Last 4 digits of your SSN plus the last 2 digits of your birth year.
Mid-Year Plan Changes:
Changes in your Benefit elections cannot be made in the middle of the plan year, unless you have an IRS approved qualifying life event.  These include marriage, divorce, birth or adoption, and termination or commencement of a new job by your spouse.  If any of these apply, please complete the Change in Status Election form, and the Aetna Enrollment application if you plan to enroll in the TRS ActiveCare medical plan.  If you do not plan to enroll in the medical plan, only the Change in Status form is required.  Forms must be completed and submitted to the Benefits office within 31 days of the qualifying life event.  If not received within 31 days, your next opportunity to make changes will be during the next open enrollment period.